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Real Estate Investing with David Mini Training

Discover How to Locate Distressed Homeowners, write a contract the seller can’t resist and How to build Your Real Estate Portfolio

Get the insider knowledge and strategies you need to succeed in real estate investing" from the foreclosure expert David Washington, real estate broker

8 Tips to Find Distressed Homeowners

  • Drive for Dollars: Drive through neighborhoods and look for properties that appear to be distressed, neglected or in disrepair.

  • How to write a contract that the seller can’t resist the proper way.

  • How to use real estate professionals to bring the deals to you.

  • How to avoid competition by working with the seller before the Auction.

  • Understanding the difference between distressed homeowners and motivated sellers.

  • Offer a Helping Hand: Reach out to homeowners who are struggling and offer to help them find a solution to their financial difficulties.

  • How to find discounted properties even when real estate inventory is low.

  • How to properly write assignment contracts that wins every time.

  • Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level with David's Mini Training

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