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Discover the 6 Simple Steps to Cancel Your Foreclosure Sale INSTANTLY!

Are you facing foreclosure and feeling overwhelmed? Don't give up hope! My Secrets to Interrupting Foreclosure Training will teach you the insider secrets to stopping your foreclosure auction regardless to in you are in a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure state

Thousands of homeowners across the United States are facing foreclosure of a variety of reasons, such as; divorce, probate, or job loss, just to name a few, so please don’t feel that you are alone. 

I’m David Washington, real estate broker, certified distress property expert and foreclosure specialist. I’ve created my Secrets to Interrupting Foreclosure Training, to help homeowners that find themselves working on a program, like a loan modification or forbearance agreement with their lender, all to find out in the 11th hour that their request was denied, leaving no time before the auction to work on other options.

If you have a pending foreclosure sale scheduled on your home or business, especially if it is less than 37 days away, this amazing training is just for you. Facing foreclosure can be one of the most stressful things to deal with. Discover my secrets to get your foreclosure sale stopped immediately.

6 Steps to Cancel Your Foreclosure Sale

  • Understanding the foreclosure process in your state and your rights as a homeowner

  • Gathering and reviewing your loan documents and your supporting documents

  • Creating a budget and negotiating techniques with your lender

  • Seeking legal remedies, if necessary, and sources

  • Exploring government programs and other resources

  • Exploring government programs and other resources

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    Even if you’ve been denied for a loan modification, short sale or other options attempted in the pass, there are still options to stop your foreclosure.

    The typical home is financed over a 30-year term. I can assure you that something in your life will prevent you from making your mortgage payments. 

    Sign up TODAY for My Secrets to Interrupting Foreclosure Training to protect your American dream, eliminate stress and get more time to utilize other options and get back on track.

    Your foreclosure AUCTION is approaching, do not waste any more time assuming your lender is there to help you. Get your foreclosure stopped TODAY.

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